Custom Hair Pieces and Wig Repairs
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Custom Hair Pieces

At Head o' Hair, we specialise in making custom made pieces to suit your needs.

Hair thickness, hair colour and age are all factors that need to be taken into consideration when creating the perfect hair piece. To create a natural looking piece, grey and other colours can be included in your piece. Each person has different needs so we make sure to consult with you and find the hair that best suits you.


By understanding your needs better, we can create pieces that are discrete and natural. Our goal is to have the most natural looking pieces possible by having the perfect colour and shape. Not only that, our pieces are made to flow with your natural hair making them unnoticeable.

Perfect For Your Needs

A Head o' Hair piece is made to compliment your natural hair. You may have an area where hair grows with difficultly, loses hair easily or even a small balding patch. Each of these can be solved by a Head o' hair piece. Best of all, we blend it to your hair colour, thickness and style.

Mobile Service Based in Adelaide

Head o' Hair covers the specific areas that need to be made fuller without affecting your natural hair. This requires precise measurements and care. This is done in person with you at your discretion, at our venue or yours. Our mobile service will service you at your house in Adelaide.

Natural Look and Feel

The thing we pride ourselves on most at Head o' Hair is that it looks so natural.
The hair is natural and even the base of the piece is made to show your real scalp.
The flow of the hair is natural and can comfortably move with the wind.

Proven Results

At Head o' Hair, we don't give you lotions or potions which most often don't work.
We provide you with something that will give you proven results.
And best of all, our pieces are built to last and easy to maintain.

Wig Repairs

Head o' Hair also provide maintenance for their pieces or other hair products.
Wig repairs and adjustments are also available at reasonable prices.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are also available for special events or for slow growing hair.